Rare And Incredibly Useful Tips: Why Should We Suck Garlic?

Garlic is one fantastic vegetable which possess antibacterial properties, cures many diseases, colds, arteriosclerosis and kidney illnesses. Also, it strengthens capillaries and it is excellent adaptogeene.

Garlic, in Chinese medicine is practiced for full body restore.

Take one clove garlic, put it in your mouth, moisten it with saliva and “walk” it inside. This procedure should be done in the morning for about 30 minutes, when our mouth is filled with many impurities.

The effect of garlic is really stunning. It cleanses the blood and lymph vessels, strengthens the oral cavity and palate.

After the procedure, spit the garlic and wash your teeth. After washing your teeth if there is still present the smell of it, take a grain of coffee and put it in your mouth for a while. Also a few sips of milk will remove the garlic smell from your mouth.

Why you should put garlic in your mouth?

  • Garlic cleans blood perfectly
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Protects against flu, epidemic and other respiratory diseases
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Useful in anemia
  • Treats chronic bronchitis
  • Helps with kidney disease and bladder
  • Clears skin

If you find it difficult to take whole clove of garlic in your mouth, start with quarters or smaller pieces and slowly build up the amount.

This practice is very effective, for it one witness spoke:

“One time I was anemic (effect of aggressive chemotherapy), I used quite industrial products who contain iron. Then, I stopped and started to suck garlic each morning. After a month I made laboratory blood tests. My hemoglobin was 130 and before, it was only 90”.

This is one of many treatment cases. With regular use of it people will achieve good results. Try this way for yourself and your health and share your experience! Stay healthy!


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