Quaker Oats Is Being Sued For Putting A Cancer-Causing Pesticide In Their Oatmeal

When you buy a Quaker Oats product and you check it’s label, what you see is usually the term “100% Natural Whole Grain”, you will also notice that the statement “Old Fashioned” written in bold text is included as well.

It this sort of marketing drive that convinces lots of consumers to purchase products without any doubt of the authenticity of the claims made on their labels especially if they are a known and popular brand like Quaker Oats.

The Law Suit

Consumers of Quaker Oats in New York City and California had sued the company for having traces of the popular pesticide known as glyphosate in its oatmeals.

Quaker Oats Quick 1 Minute oatmeal is the product in question and several tests were conducted by a totally neutral and independent chemical testing lab located in California where a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry was used to reveal traces of this pesticide in the oatmeal.

Now scientists found traces of glyphosate in the oatmeal, the amounts found were smaller than the legal limits but the fact still remained that by indicating that it’s product was “100% Natural Whole Grain”, Quaker Oats had misled consumers into buying it’s product and hence had engaged in false advertising and that is what they were sued for.

Quaker Oats responded to the allegations by stating that the oats were not grown by them buy by farmers who supply them and it is possible that the traces of pesticide found in the oatmeal was from the pesticide sprayed on the oats farmed by the farmers.

However, they also stated that the amounts of glyphosate found in the oats met E.P.A limits as been safe for people to eat.

Glyphosate is used as an active component a large number of pesticides, one of these pesticides is Roundup that is used in several farms and on different crops globally.

However, a lot of food activists have pushed against the continued use of these pesticides because of its serious health implications.

Roundup was first produced in 1974 and since then it has been used by a large number of farmers as a preferred choice of pesticides worldwide.

In 2015 the International Agency for Research on Cancer which is a unit of the World Health Organization (WHO) categorised glyphosate as a carcinogenic compound and a likely cause of certain forms of cancer and other health problems.

As a matter of fact this chemical is believed to be responsible for birth defects in Paraguay. Scientists discovered that the children born to mothers at about 1 kilometer from farms where the pesticide is sprayed had birth defects.

Researchers believe that glyphosate inhibits fetal development by depriving it of vitamin A which is absolutely necessary to avoid any birth defects.

Roundup is also believed to be responsible for Attention Deficit Disorder as it is known to stop the thyroid gland from functioning properly.

The pesticide can also deprive the body of serotonin and therefore greatly influence a person’s appetite, mood and sleep; thereby leading to increased anxiety and depression.

Natural oats that are free from harmful toxins can be highly nutritional and provide your body with the minerals and vitamins vital to good health.

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