Purina’s Beneful Brand Has Poisoned and Killed Thousands of Dogs According to Lawsuit


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Dogs are a man’s best friend that is true in some respects as these furry companions can help raise our feel. Good factor and keep us happy.

They don’t complain and are loyal for life.

It becomes disheartening when our favourite pets are severely injured or killed by the very food we buy to enrich their bodies.

The Purina Beneful dog food brand by Nestle has come under public scrutiny and is now facing a class action lawsuit because of claims that their brand is responsible for the severe health complications and deaths of more than 3,000 dogs of various species.

Consumers of this brand have complained about the adverse effects it has had on their pets and this has led to a distrust of other brands in the market considering that Nestle is a top manufacturer.

What Exactly Is Wrong With Commercial Dog Food?

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Dog owners have similar complaints about the effects of Purina Beneful on their pets, the complaints include;

  • Internal bleeding
  • Liver malfunction
  • Seizures
  • And incontinence

Two major reasons could be responsible for why this brand of dog food causes the aforementioned ailments in dogs and they include;

  • Propylene glycol, which is a chemical that is actually used in antifreeze but has however  been approved by the FDA as an ingredient in dog food production as well as many other products such as your cake mixes and even salad dressings. In Europe products with propylene glycol have been prohibited.
  • Mycotoxins is the second reason and this arises as a result of poor grain storage. Mycotoxins is responsible for liver damage as grains is a major ingredient in dog foods and if they are contaminated by mycotoxins due to improper storage then liver malfunction in the dogs makes a lot of sense. The poor grain storage could be as a result of negligence on the part of both manufacturers and government regulatory bodies, considering that the grains are stored for animals and not humans a lackadaisical attitude could arise and hence a failure on the part of government to check the grains and also on the part of Nestle to store the grains properly.

 Homemade Dog Food Is Better

Instead of wondering whether your commercial dog food is safe for your pets or not, it is better to play safe and start making your own dog food today.

It will only cost you your time and effort, but wouldn’t that be better than spending hours worrying about your pet at a veterinary clinic?

Making your own dog food gives you the assurance that you are giving your dog a balanced diet and foods that are free of harmful preservatives and chemicals.

  • Just mix natural organic vegetables as well as organic, grass fed ground meat such as beef or even bison in your food processor.
  • Use different veggies, but avoid onions.
  • You can add avocado and eggs as well.

Homemade Dog food us great for recuperating dogs or those with health issues.

These homemade dog foods are inexpensive to prepare and you can make excess and store in your fridge just don’t let your dog see you storing in there though especially if you leave it in your home alone, it could try getting it out itself causing a mess of your kitchen in the process, if it is not properly house trained.

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