Protect Blood Vessels With The Drink Called Super Four


In this article we are about to present a beverage which is great for your overall health, especially for your heart and blood vessels.

Is it consisted of completely natural ingredients and the best time to prepare it is in the evening.

Ingredients needed:

-- 1 cup of raisins

-- 1 liter of water

-- 2 tablespoons of honey

-- 2 teaspoons of finely grated ginger

-- 4 teaspoons of green tea

Method of preparation:

Take an enameled bowl and place the previously washed raisins in it. Add the water afterwards.

Cook the raisins on low fire. Put the bowl away from the fire after 15 minutes. Add the honey, grated ginger and green tea in the mixture.

Cover the bowl with a lid and wrap it with warm, woolen fabric. Let the remedy strand still overnight and strain it the next morning.

Way of consuming:

Drink 200 ml of the resulting remedy before each meal.

1. Due to potassium presence, raisins are extremely good for both your heart’s and intestines’ health.

2. Green tea, as we all know by now, is a great antioxidant, same as ginger, which also acts anti-inflammatory.

3. Honey, on the other hand, nurtures the entire organism and protects it from different kinds of infections. It contains Содржи glucose, high concentration of microelements and complex of biologically active substances.

This beverage, called Super Four, protects the heart, gives the body additional energy and strengthens the whole immune system.