Here Is How To Properly Eat Based On Your Blood Group


Many believe that the blood group is a very important thing when it comes to health and that some foods can be harmful to a blood type but useful and healthy for another blood type.

How does diet affect blood group

Every person has a specific relationship to food which is closely involved with the blood group. Lectin (proteins that bind to carbohydrates) may react differently to the body depending on the blood group. Certain lectins can be hazardous to health if they come into contact with certain blood type.

Four main types of blood groups and recommended diet for them

Blood type A

20 000 years ago, when agriculture was developing, this blood type experienced changes. This blood group should focus on vegetarian lifestyle. People with this blood type are known as “farmers”.

You should consume: vegetables, cereals, berries, figs, apples, nuts and soy.

You should avoid: any kinds of meats, beans and dairy products.

Blood type 0

This is the oldest blood type and therefore it needs a diet rich in protein, unlike other blood groups. People with this blood type are called “hunters”.

You should consume:  seafood, red meat, chicken and any kind of poultry meat. When it comes to vegetables, you should consume spinach, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts.

You should avoid: eggs, dairy products and wheat.

Blood type B

People with this blood type are known as “nomads” and can easily adapt to the diet based on dairy products. These people have the most capable digestion system.

You should consume: green vegetables, fruits, turkey, red meat, fish, cereals and any kind of dairy products.

You should avoid: peanuts, chicken and corn.

Blood type AB

This is the latest blood type which diet represents something between blood groups A and blood type B. This blood type is just 10 000 years old and people who have this blood type are called “Enigma”.

You should consume: vegetables, seafood, turkey, bananas, apples, watermelons.

You should avoid: corn, red meat, coffee and alcohol.