Problems With Fat On Certain Body Parts: What Are The Causes And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Each type of fat talks about the health and habits of one man. Some people are more susceptible to fat of abdomen while others have problems with fat of tights. Wrong diet, hormonal imbalance, stress and toxins dictate where exactly the fat will build up.

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To remove fat from problematic areas of the body, you need first to find the cause for that deposition and to determine the right training and right diet for it.

Fat on stomach

When the stomach is problematic area?

  • If it looks thick or swollen.
  • If after big weight loss your stomach did not decrease.
  • If in any case of obesity, it can be seen only on the abdomen.

Stress and imbalance of intestinal bacteria are the main causes for formation of fat on the stomach.

Solution: The good news is that for getting rid of the fat stomach you should not exercise too often. It is enough if you do balanced exercises such as yoga, Pilates and long walks. You should avoid white bread, pasta, sweets, alcohol and citrus fruits or consume them in small amounts because they inflate the red bacteria. Proteins such as chicken, fish, green vegetables and also vegetables rich in fibers like beet, olives and potatoes will slow down the absorption of sugar through the intestines and will stimulate digestion.

Strong leg calves

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If your calves are the same width as your tights you have difficulty with finding suitable boots and you often suffer from insomnia plus, sometimes your legs are too heavy for you then, your problematic area are the calves. Puffiness and weight of the leaves mostly happen as result of insufficient rest of the legs, awakening in the middle of the night and insufficient amount of sleep.

Solution: In order to achieve a deep sleep and enough quality sleep, three hours before bedtime avoid any forms of carbohydrates and sugars. Caffeine from tea and coffee can cause water retention in the calves and also can disrupt the sleeping. Drinking large amounts of fluids before sleeping is also not a good idea. Lack of vitamin B in your meals can cause accumulation of water in the calves so try to consume more fish, beef, nuts, yogurt and eggs.

Fat on the back

Fat on the back is mostly more common at women. This type of fat shows that your body digest slowly the carbohydrates.

Solution: Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates. If you eat carbohydrates, they should be unrefined and your diet should be based on vegetables.

Fat on hands

Deposition of fat on the arms and shake of the fat by a small shake of the hand shows that your hands are your problematic area. If you cannot reduce the fat on your arms and they are the first from which you can notice that your weight is increased then, the cause for your problem lies in the accumulation of the toxins inside your body.

Solution: Excellent solution for eliminating the fat from your hands is the Bikram yoga which includes practice on places with increased humidity and temperature. It will accelerate the process of sweating and will eliminate toxins.

Swollen face

If you have round face, chin and the first signs of obesity appear on your face, the main culprit for it is the water retention for which is responsible the excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and dehydration associated with alcohol causes water retention in the area around the face.

Solution: Reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages and make gentle circular moves on your face to stimulate the circulation area. Start from the nose and massage toward the ears.

Large tights

If you have small waist and large tights, you probably also always buy clothes with smaller size for your upper and larger size for your lower part of the body then you have classic body form of pear. For this kind of form mostly is responsible genetics and the advantage of this is that people with this kind of construction of the body have less chance of developing heart disease.

Solution: Avoiding soybean products is the only thing that can reduce the proportion of fat in this part of the body and you also need to do lot of exercises.

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