Prevent Cough Within Hours


Coughing is a reflex; through coughing we eject any mucous caught in  the respiratory tract; excess mucous can cause disease. Coughing sometimes occurs due to a weak heart, allergies, smoking and lung cancer.

What is the best tool you can use against coughing?

For a dry and irritable cough:

Marshmallow is the best known remedy against cough. It soothes inflamed mucous in the upper respiratory tract. It can be used in the form of syrup or tea. Marshmallow is also useful against coughs that occur after a cold.

Icelandic moss also discharges mucous which relieves irritated mucous membranes of the throat and gullet; therefore it reduces the urge to cough. Icelandic moss also acts against bacteria and inflammation.

Chamomile acts against inflammation and reduces irritation of the lining of the body’s airways. It also has antibacterial properties.

If you have a productive cough- expectoration:

Plantain has been traditionally used against cough and reducing the bronchial mucus. Plantain leaves have antimicrobial properties; plantain leaves prevent infectional development, allow expectoration and reduces the need of coughing.

Hedera helix soothes coughing and widens the body’s airways. It is used in acute and chronic airway inflammation that occurs after productive cough-expectoration.


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