Prevent Cough With This Coating Only After One Night!


We always think that cough and common cold are minor illness that can easily be cured. But, if they are not treated promptly can easily switch into irritating and dangerous disease.

The drought cough is particularly boring and over time may be lodged, it exhaust the body and revoke the concentration. The cough is boring during the day but even most during the night. Then the patients often go seek their salvation in pharmacies and buy different kinds of drugs.

Syrups for cough can repress the symptoms

Many syrups for easing the cough contain the following ingredients: dextromethorphan and codeine which repress the signals to the brain where the cough is induced.

These drugs can cause adverse side effects: headache, accelerated work of the heart and drowsiness.

How is helpful the coating from honey?

The honey is one of the healthiest foods around the globe. It contains different healthy properties that could also help in the fight against influenza, cold and can facilitate the cough. The coating beside the cough can eliminate the excess mucus in the lungs. This coating from honey can be used by both adults and children.

Necessary ingredients:

  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • Gauze
  • Napkin
  • Sticky bandage


The preparation is easy and simple. Mix the flour with little amount of honey until you get mixture similar to dough and then add little olive oil and put it on the napkin. Put it on your chest and fix it well.

Note: When the coating is used on children it should be applied three hours before they go sleeping. If the coating is used at adults then it can be left through the whole night.

During the process it can appear sweating during the night but this is individual as the time of the treatment. To some only after one day the cough passes and some might wait several days. 


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