Pregnant During Summer? Here Are The Benefits Of It!

When we think of pregnancy during hot summer days, we do not envy women who go through it, right? No matter how beautifully this feeling is, those few summer months can be very strenuous, especially if you are in the second or third trimester.

If your baby supposes to be born in autumn or winter, then you know how it feels fighting with the heat during pregnancy. However, today we want to show you all the advantages that are ahead of you if you are pregnant during summer.

Perfect period of the year for outdoor activities

Walking and swimming are the best activities for all expectant mothers. These exercises are not strenuous but they are rather offering great benefits because they are excellent for the heart and bloodstream. Walking provide much benefit to the mother as well as for the baby. It contributes to a greater flow of oxygen to the muscles and tissues of the mother, and therefore to the placenta. Besides the fact that swimming will help you keep your body weight, it also prevents swelling, increase of blood pressure and, of course, it will chill you in the hot summer days.

The market is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very important both for the mother and the baby. Abundances of vitamins and nutrients are essential if you want to allow your baby healthy life even while in your stomach. Make a salad of your favorite vegetables, add sea fish (hake, salmon), beef or chicken and make it your main meal during the day. Do not forget fruit salad.

Sun = vitamin D

Even though is very important during pregnancy not to be exposed to the sun for too long and always have sunscreen applied, a few minutes a day will provide the required amount of vitamin D, which is necessary both for the mother and baby. A lack of vitamin D during pregnancy may cause serious problems, because it is associated with the genesis of diabetes and vaginal bacteria. You can also enter vitamin D through meat and oily fish, but it is best if you absorb it through the sun.

Hydration is easy and tasty

Hydration is very important whether you are pregnant or not. It is especially important to stay hydrated during the hot summer months. Once you enter the right amount of water for the whole day you can switch to drinking soft drinks made of variety of freshly squeezed fruits. They are tasty, look nice and are providing an excellent nutritional value.


Summer often offers vacation and free time away from work, so, make sure you use such situation and give yourself a holiday which will surely make you feel much better. This goes especially if you are early in pregnancy, when symptoms can be severe and affect your body.