Possible Signs Which Are Warning You of Cancer and Which Are Usually Ignored!

Cancer is one of the most problematic disease nowadays. It is the second leading cause of death after heart disease worldwide. The rank has raised significantly compared to 2002 where it was on the fourth place of top 10 cause of death worldwide.

The problem with cancer is that there just so many factors that contribute to the development of this disease. Moreover, cancer can affect any organ in our body. Currently, there are more than 200 different types of cancer, to name a few there are breast, prostate, ovarian, colorectal, endometrial, pancreatic, kidney and also melanoma and leukemia.

Currently, there are various kind of cancer treatments that work quite effective in treating cancer. The problem is, in most cases, cancer diagnosed only at advanced stage which makes the treatment become less effective and has less chance of success.

In others words, to allow the treatment to give full benefits for the healing process, it is important to diagnose cancer at an early stage and being treated immediately. To make it works, other than doing frequent medical check-up, you also need to know some warning signs of cancer so you can consult to your doctor and get an early diagnosis if something went wrong.

Below are 10 warning signs of cancer you should never ignore:

Unexpected weight loss

Sudden weight lose can happen due to the development of lung and breast cancer. When cancer cells go to the liver, there can be a disruption in the liver’s function which is responsible in eliminating toxins and regulate appetite. This problem can also occur if the cancer cells invade color.

This symptoms is quite common because:

At least 40% of cancer patients experience sudden weight loss before or during the period of diagnosis.

80% of those who are already in advance stage experience sudden weight loss.

Wheezing or Difficulty in Breathing

There are various health condition that can cause wheezing and difficulty in breathing and one of them is the existence of tumor in the lungs. This condition will cause the airway to be narrowed and lead to a wheezing sound.

Infections or fevers which happen constantly

Infection may cause fever, but if the fever doesn’t go away after a long period of time, then you can take it as a symptom of cancer like lymphoma. In addition, infection, fever, fatigue, and aches can also be a warning sign of leukemia.

Prolonged cough and Pain in the Chest

If you suffer from a prolonged cough and constantly feel pain in your chest, there it can the sign of lung cancer or leukemia. The symptom may look similar to cough or bronchitis, but if you feel chest pain that is extended to the arm or shoulder, then you need to ask your doctor to do further examination.

Esophageal, thyroid, lung or laryngeal cancer also have similar symptoms to cough. So if you experience persistent cough or a hoarse voice, go to your doctor immediately.

Weakness and exhaustion

If you feel unusual weakness or fatigue that do not get better after enough rest and sleep, then go consult to your doctor.

Unusual bleeding

If you find blood in the stool, then you need to be cautious of bowel cancer, while blood in the urine may indicate UTI, it can also be a symptom of kidney or bladder cancer.

In addition, bleeding between periods or bleeding after menopause may be a sign of endometrial and uterine cancer. Colorectal cancer can also lead to bleeding from GI tract.

If you experience bleeding and bruising this could the sign of leukemia, coughing up blood can be a symptom of esophageal, and vomiting blood could be an indication of stomach cancer.

Changes in Bowel Movement

The change in bowel movement which occurs for more than a month could be a sign of bowel cancer, specially in older people

Unusual swelling or lumps

Lumps may appear in various part of your body like neck, underarms, testicle, groin, abdomen, breasts, and other part of your body. You should not ignore this, especially if the problem remain after more than three weeks. In case of breast cancer, there can also be an enlargement in the lymph node or lump, redness, swelling and soreness.

Trouble in swallowing

People who experience trouble in swallowing or a feeling that there’s a food in the throat or chest that’s getting worse over time need to be cautious of esophageal cancer. Some other sign include burning sensation and pain while swallowing. 

Pelvic or abdominal pain

If you feel pain in the pelvic area or in the lower abdomen, then you need to be cautious of ovarian cancer.

Women who have history of colorectal, breast or ovarian cancer in the family, have never conceived or have a history of breast, colon, uterine, or rectum cancer has a higher of cancer and need to do regular check-up.

Source: www.naturehealthandbeauty.com