Beware: Poisonous Numbers In Food Products

Numbers census

1. Supplements that are not harmful:

Е100, Е101, Е103, Е104, Е105, Е111, Е121, Е130, Е132, Е140, Е151, Е152, Е161, Е162, Е170, Е174, Е175, Е180, Е200, Е201, Е202, Е203, Е236, Е237, Е238, Е260, Е261, Е263, Е270, Е280, Е281, Е282, Е290, Е300, Е301, Е303, Е305, Е306, Е307, Е308, Е309, Е325, Е326, Е327, Е331, Е332, Е333, Е334, Е335, Е336, Е337, Е382, Е400, Е401, Е402, Е403, Е404, Е405, Е406, Е408, Е410, Е411, Е413, Е420, Е421, Е422, Е440, Е471, Е473, Е474, Е475, Е480.

2.Suspicious supplements:

Е 125, Е 141, Е 150, Е 153, Е 171, Е 172, Е 173, Е 240, Е 241.

3.Dangerous supplements:

Е 102, Е 110, Е 120, Е 124

4.Supplements harmful to health

-- Е 220, Е 221, Е 232, Е 224 -- stomach related problems:

-- Е 338, Е 339, Е 340, Е 341, Е 450, Е 461, Е 463, Е 465, Е 407: digestion related problems, Е 466 in packed ice cream

-- Е 320, Е 321 -- increases cholesterol

-- Е 230, Е 231, Е 232, Е 233 -- skin related problems

-- Е 311, Е 312 -- irritate nerves:

-- Е 321 destroys vitamin B12

-- Inflammation of the oral cavity: E 330 is the most dangerous supplement (causes cancer) it is present in Schweppes Lemon, canned crab meat, mustard, soft drinks, some cheeses and canned mushrooms.

5.Supplements to cause cancer:

-- Е 131, Е 142, Е 210, Е 211, Е 213, Е 214, Е 215, Е 216, Е 217, Е 239

Caution: E 123 is highly toxic and banned in the United States. You should be particularly careful of the following products: E 123 and E 110 in the gummy candies, chocolate candies, pudding with whipped cream in plastic cups, frozen fish (from the brand IGLO), cooking cream, melted cheese as a spread, E 102 and E 110 in the finished sauces of different kinds.

Remember: You choose the products you purchase, so be careful what you are buying for you and your children. Technological processed foods are biologically dead foods, have short shelf life and therefore chemical additives that prolong shelf life are necessary. The use of synthetic substances added to food is not sufficiently investigated, but a number of additives reliably known to be harmful and causes some risks.

Beware of antioxidants acidity regulators rated E 296 and 385.


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