This Plant Has Been Proven To Treat 75% Of Cancerous Tumors Within 15 Days


The first signs of it taking effect are noticeable within just five minutes. The whole tumor is often gone within 15 days – it simply falls of the skin.

We are talking about Blushwood tree (Hylandia dockrillii), an herb which has remarkable medicinal properties which are considered to be effective in the fight against visible tumors. Blushwood tree grows in northern Australia (Queensland) in a very small area of moist forests.

Scientists have been examining this tree’s properties for eight years and have discovered something amazing. By applying the extract from the berries of this tree to tumors, 75% of the cases were cured. And visible tumors never occurred again.

An ingredient found in the berries kills cancer cells and stimulates the immune system to help in breaking down whatever remains of the tumor. Furthermore, this medication has no known side effects.

The first signs of this remedy working are visible within just five minutes, and the entire tumor usually disappears within 15 days. Unfortunately, this herb grows only in northern Australia and is very difficult to grow in other areas. However, there are herbs with very similar effects in other places. Here are three plants that can also be effective in the fight against cancer.

Hemp oil

Indian hemp oil is a miraculous tool against cancer. Millions of people around the world have reaped this oil’s many health benefits.

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Soursop (Graviola)

Many studies have proven that this plant can successfully kill cancer cells. Graviola could have up to a 10,000 times stronger effect on cancer than chemotherapy. After graviola treatment, you can even expect your immunity to improve and your energy to come back, unlike chemotherapy, which is exhausting and destroys healthy cells.

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Carrot juice can successfully kill cancer cells. It also helps in strengthening your immune system, normalizing your metabolism, strengthening your bone tissue and eliminating infections and inflammation. It’s a great vegetable for detoxification because it cleanses your liver. It also helps in the process of forming red blood cells. Its health benefits are endless, which is why you should never forget to include carrots in your daily diet.

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Note: you should always speak to your physician about your cancer treatment options.


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