Place a Few of These Leaves in the Corners of Your House and You Will Never See a Roach Again

Cockroaches are very resilient insects and are even known to resist high levels of radiation exposure and stay without food for more than 30 days.

Cockroaches are omnivorous insects and can consume both animal and plant based foods making them extremely adaptable insects.

They locate food and water easily as their droppings has chemical trace markers and this helps them send information out to other cockroaches thereby attracting even more cockroaches and causing an infestation in an area.

You can get rid of cockroaches using natural means and this is great as you do not expose yourself and children to harsh commercial insecticides which is the conventional alternative.

So What Is This Natural Cockroach Repellent?

The natural cockroach repellent is bay leaves and this is a highly effective option in completely driving cockroaches away.

The smell of bay leaves is irritable to cockroaches and if you place the laurel branches of this plant in every corner of your home you will be able to ward them off.

If you place about 10 bay leaves in your kitchen or garden it is more than likely that you will hardly see cockroaches wandering around in those areas again.

Just place these leaves in food storage areas such as your pantry as they are non-toxic and safe.

Note that you can use either fresh bay leaves or dry ones. However, for best results it’s advisable to crush dry bay leaves until you get a powder which is much more potent than just using fresh bay leaves.