People Think Brown Rice is Better Than White Because They Don’t Know THIS

When we talk about refined and unhealthy food, the color that seems to be associated with it is white. Let see, white sugar, white flour, and white rice are often considered to be less healthy compare to their counterpart such as brown sugar, whole flour, and brown rice. But is it true that the white version always less healthy compare to other versions of food? Well, it may be true for most kind of foods. However, rice is an exception.

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Which One Is Healthier Between White Rice and Brown Rice?

Back to the previous premise, most of us have always thought that white is the less healthy version of food. So if we compare white rice to brown rice, of course most people will say that brown rice is a better option. But why do we think that way? Now, let’s see why people think that white rice is bad.

White Rice Increase Blood Sugar

Most of white carbohydrates foods such as white bread contains high glycemic index. Perhaps, that’s the reason most people think that white rice will also raise blood sugar level. But if we talk about rice, you need to know that color is not the one that determine the sugar level of the food.

The truth is, the one that determine the sugar level of a rice if the type of the rice. For example, we can see basmati rice. Despite the color, this type of rice contain low glycemic index compare to other types of rice.

The International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition published a study that reveals how white basmati rice increase lesser amount of blood sugar compare to the brown basmati rice.

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The study involved 14 healthy participant where all the participant were feed with 11 different types of rice, including white and brown basmati rice. To determine which type of the rice that fit to the category of medium – high index or low glycemic index, every participant got their blood glucose level measured.

The result of the study revealed that brown basmati rice belonged to the medium – high glycemic index category while white basmati rice belonged to the low glycemic index category. This result also shown that actually, color of the rice has nothing to do with its sugar level.

Phytates in Brown Rice

The study shown that brown basmati rice contain higher glycemic index to white basmati rice. We are not going to say that brown is bad for your health. However, it still has a few downside compare to white rice. One of the reasons is because compare to white rice, brown rice has more phytates.

Known as an “anti-nutrient”, phytates is an obstacle in the absorption of important minerals found in foods like zinc, calcium, and iron. Though this condition wouldn’t lead to any serious health issue, consuming foods that high in phytates may cause mineral deficiency.

Now it’s clear that even though some people say that brown rice is healthier than white rice, it also prevent the body from absorbing the minerals and thus will make the body failed to gain the benefit of the food. In other words, when it comes to rice, white rice is still superior in term of nutrition, taste and also the benefit for overall health.


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