Pay Attention To These Numbers When Buying Fruit


If you buy fruits often you must be used to seeing stickers on them, if you have not bothered to read the content of these stickers then here’s your chance to know what’s written on them.

  • Where there are 4 numbers and the first number begins with the numbers 3 or 4, what it means is that the fruit was grown in the second half of the twentieth century. The implication of this is that the fruit was most likely subjected to inorganic fertilizers.
  • Where the sticker has a 5 number code and the numbers begin with number 9, it simply means the fruit has been cultivated using traditional means. What this means is heat that fruit is organic and it was not subjected to artificial fertilizers and harmful pesticides.
  • Where the sticker gas a code with 5 numbers and the numbers begin with an eight, then it means the fruit is a genetically modified fruit and artificial fertilizers and pesticides were used in the cultivation of the fruit. These fruits are referred to as GMO.

So whenever you go to your local grocery store or open market to buy your fruits be more observant and buy only those fruits which are organic as they are healthier.