Painkillers For Your Heels (plantar fasciitis)

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar rascia that runs along the heel. It is characterized by severe and excruciating pain in the heel or lower leg while standing or walking. The pain is usually very strong in the morning hours and during the day it decreases. This situation disrupts the daily life but, there are natural ways that can reduce the symptoms and the accompanying pain.

1. In one owl put one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of sea sat and 50ml pure iodine. Mix well and blend together the ingredients. Apply the mixture on a cotton fabric, place it on the affected area and fix it with foil. Leave it to act through the night and in the following morning walk with the foil for about 15 minutes and then remove it.

2. Befre you go to sleep, wrap your foot in aluminum foil and then put cotton socks. Repeat this proceure for about 6 weeks until the problem is solved.

3. Take one leaf from cabage and apply 1 tablespoon of honey on it. Put the leaf on your foot, fix it with foil or cotton sock and leave it overnight. The next day, remove the leaf and wash your feet with warm water After the third day the pain will start reducing.

4. Grate one carrot, put it on piece of cellophane and place it on your foot. Fix the coating with bandage and leave it overnight. After several treatments the pain will disappear.

5. Place salt in sock and heat it in the oven. The coating should be warm but not overheated. Place coating like this on your foot for 20 days.

6. When you have unberable pain, coatings from potato can bevery effective. Wash few potatoes, peel them, grate them and apply them as coating. Fix the coating with foil. Repeat this procedure for 1 week.

7. Place on your foot several sliced pieces of black radish and put cotton sock on. Leave them to act overnight and in the morning wash your foot or feet with warm water. Repeat this treatment three days in a row and you’ll start noticing big improvement.

8. Take 4 pills of analgin and 4 pills of aspirin, cruble them finely and mix them with 100ml iodine. Leave the mixture to stand for one day and then apply it to your foot. Use it as coating or simply lard it to your feet. For better effecct you need to knock with your feet gently on the floor, this will also contribute for improving the metabolism of calcium and to a better blood flow.


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