Overcome Anemia Within 7 Days: All You Need Is Apples And Nails!

Anemia can cause a series of very serious diseases. If you suffer from anemia try this proven folk remedy that helped many people to improve their blood counts.

This folk remedy for treating anemia may sound a little strange, but many claim that it really helped them.

Apples and nails

Wash the organic apple well and wipe it afterwards. Wash several pure iron nails and some copper wire well with alcohol, dry them and stick them in the apple, the best around the stem.

Such prepared apple needs to stand still overnight (around 12 hours).

Remove the nails and copper wire the next morning and consume the apple in one of the three following ways:

-- Whole apple as it is

-- Put the apple in blender, make a juice and drink it

-- Ground the apple in a bowl, add a tablespoon of honey and juice of half a lemon

Pierce nails and copper wire into new apple and leave to stand until the next morning. Repeat this procedure for seven days.

You do not have to wash the nails and wire after each use, you can just remove the deposited layers and immediately place them into another apple.

You can repeat this procedure for more than 7 days.

Do not worry about getting tetanus because the iron goes into the digestive system where it is absorbed, not in the bloodstream.

In the past this recipe was used by mothers. Nails oxidize due to the humidity in the apple. Users of this method claim that is certainly less toxic than synthetic chemical supplements to compensate for the iron in the blood that are sold in pharmacies. Of course, apples treated with various chemicals, and sold in the markets, are far more toxic. Compared to them, the nails are not a problem at all.

Source:  www.yourstylishlife.com