Olives - Ancient Fruit Which Guarantees Health

Olives – Ancient Fruit Which Guarantees Health

Olives - Ancient Fruit Which Guarantees HealthOlive tree is perhaps one of the oldest plants known to man. After its identification, this tree was used for many thousands of years. Today, olive tree is grown massively and olive remains the queen product among all others around the world. Learn more about olive forth in the text ahead.

Olive tree can live up to 600 years. Besides the world’s most famous type of olive tree, there are 70 other kinds of olive trees. There are various colors and sizes, all irresistibly delicious and extremely rich in nutritional elements that are beneficial to the health of the organism. Olive is the queen of tree products, and it is a decorator of many salads and specialties. Olive oil, which is made out of olives, is one of the healthiest products.

Olives - Ancient Fruit Which Guarantees Health1

Nutrition Overview of Olive

Olive is extremely rich in antioxidants and nutritious elements. Whaling was number of ingredients that include olive and are useful to our organism. Today, will point out the most important:

■Fiber and vegetable fat
■ Beta -- Carotene
■ Vitamins A, C, D, E, K
■ Monounsaturated fat
■ Enzymes
■ Omega 3 acids
■ polyphenols, Squalene, resin
■ phytosterols
■ flavonoids
■ Chlorophyll
■ Minerals

An interesting fact is that ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory drug that is used worldwide) can be found in olives.

Health Benefits of Olive

The olive fruit is really powerful. Proof is the French and some other people who use it intensively. Notably, although these people are fed up with fast and not very healthy food, they rarely suffer from cardiovascular disease. According to scientists, this is due to the regular use of olives. They do not contain harmful substances, and are extremely useful for many organs and physiological functions in the organism.

In addition, we present a range of effects in which, according to experts, olive has a beneficial impact:

Olives - Ancient Fruit Which Guarantees Health

■ Preventing Ulcers of the Stomach and Duodenum
■ Rheumatism
■ Stress
■ Improve Digestion
■ Acne
■ Arrhythmias
■ Arthritis
■ Various Types of Pain
■ Skin Diseases
■ Strengthening of Immunity
■ Combating Cardiovascular Diseases
■ Impotence
■ Fever
■ Bacteremia
■ Some Types of Cancer
■ Prevention of Stroke
■ Discharges of the Skin
■ Constipation
■ Rheumatism
■ Macular Degeneration
■ Elevated Temperatures
■ Burns
■ Osteoarthritis and Many Other

This is just a short list of conditions that olives can help with. The list is long enough to understand how powerful this fruit is and why olive and olive oil must be part of your daily diet.


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