The Oldest Woman In The World Reveals The Secret For Longevity !

The oldest woman in the world reveals the secret for longevity

Misao Okawa who is 116 years old has a 94 year old son, 92 year old daughter and 4 grandchildren and 6 grand-grand children. She is a widow for more than 80 years and when she was 98 she started living in a nursing home.

As the two most important things for longevity, the oldest woman in the world recommends three meals a day and 8 hours of sleep. Also, sushi is considered to play an important part for this woman’s long life. She says she loves and eats sushi at least once a month.

However, does not necessarily mean that this grandmother is right. The Bolivian farmer, Carmelo Flora, who is believed to have more than 120 years, claimed that the secret is in mushrooms, walks and alcohol.

You are what you think is the secret to long life?


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