Observe These 5 Appear On Your Nails Are Symptoms Of A Dangerous Disease

Did you know that nails can warn you when it comes to some serious health problems? If you have stains, cracked nails, irregularities, thick nails or nail color, then you probably have some internal health problem.

  1. Nail color

Your nails are healthy, if they are pink or white. If you have dark spots your nails’ surface, which might be a sign of aging, although that is sometimes subjected to the risk of heart disease. Green color is a sign of bacterial infection while red color is a sign of heart infections.

  1. Cracked nails

In 10% of cases, psoriasis starts with the nails. If your nails crack regularly, it is a lack of folic acid, vitamin C and protein.

  1. Thick nails

Thick nails are neither normal nor natural. If your nails are extremely thick, you probably have some problems with your lungs. It can also indicate that your body has poor circulation. Thick furrow nail may indicate that you have a yeast infection.

  1. Furrow nails

This symptom may indicate you are psoriasis or auto-immune illness which causes hair loss.

  1. Curved nails

If your nails are curved and have spoon-like shape it might means that you have either lack of iron or heart problems.


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