New Method: Scientists Are On Good Track To Find Cure For Leukemia

Scientist’s form “Fred Hutchinson” Research Center for cancer in Seattle found new method for treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Although this method is still in research stage, the results have shown during the survey hope that the cure for this disease could soon be practiced in use. This therapy is made out of our own immune cells who are attacked by the cancer metastasis. With the help of special molecules, the doctors treated the T- lymphocytes who allow them to be recognized and attack the tumor sides and be returned to the body through an infusion. Molecules that have been used are also known as chimeric receptors, derived from special, genetically modified mice.

This research has given excellent results. The fact is surprising and 94% of participants of this research treatments had no single symptom of leukemia.

More surprising is that this rate of successful treatment was achieved in patients that had end- stage leukemia on which doctors predicted little bit life to live.


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