The Negative Side of Chewing Gum

negative-side-chewing-gumRead below which are the negative side effects of chewing gum.

  • Encouraged to eat more fast food

Before the meal, it is recommended to chew gum because you will eat less, but mint flavored gum has influence of the diminished intake of healthy food in the body and increase the desire for fast food such as crisps and sweets.

  • Chewing gum can cause pain in the jaw bones

If you constantly chew gum sore jaw bones and muscles may appear. This can lead to headaches and pain in the ears and teeth. If you want to satisfy the need to chew, instead of chewing a bubble gum, eat an apple which will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and it is healthy for you in any way.

  • It can cause problems with the organs of the digestive system

While chewing gum, sometimes air is swallowed. This swallowed air can cause flatulence and pain in the abdomen. This anchor is called irritable bowel. This disorder is characterized by abdominal pain, stomach cramps and changes in bowel behavior.

  • It spoils your teeth

In some bubble gums sugar based sweeteners are added. These sweeteners can overall have a negative effect on your health. Such gum round teeth in sugar from which you can get toothache and you can also damage the teeth.


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