Natural Recipe For Inflammation Of The Ovaries – This Actually Treats Where The Antibiotics Are Powerless


Medical people think that the inflammation that sometimes ovaries experience is incurable but Asim claims the opposite. All the infections can be cured if you detect the general spot that provides all the inflammation. Combining several herbs you can make disinfection of the organism.

Doctors are often powerless because the bacteria are mutating, especially the ones who are not eradicated from the body and condition like this cannot be cured with antibiotics.

Natural recipe for inflammation of the ovaries:

In a bowl put two hands salt and put it on a stove to properly heat it. Stir it constantly until it begins to spray and then add a little vinegar enough to wet the salt. Prepared like this pour some into a cloth and place it on the sore spot. Every night before bed do this process.

This also can help you through feeling of weakness and languorous. Take 4 tablespoons chamomile, 4 tablespoons birch flowers and 8 tablespoons razlicka. Put them in 1l of water and stir the mix well and cook it for 15 minutes. Drink from the tea three times daily before meals.


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