Natural Antibiotic Made Of Two Ingredients

You can prepare the most effective natural antibiotic made of just two ingredients (turmeric and honey) by yourself. Besides that kills all bacteria, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

The traditional Indian spice, turmeric, is one of the most powerful natural medicines. It has slightly sweet, mild hot and less bitter taste and aromatic smell that reminds of orange, ginger and pepper.

Ingredients needed:

-- 1 teaspoon of powdered turmeric

-- 100 grams of honey

Method of preparation:

Mix the ingredients well and put the resulting mixture in a glass jar.

Consume the remedy when needed.


It is recommendable whenever you take antibiotic to take probiotic as well. You can take probiotic at any time of the day, except two hours before and after you have consumed antibiotic.

Turmeric’s health benefits

Turmeric can be sued for:

-- Treating cancer

-- Blood cleansing

-- Rejuvenation of the red flora

-- Regulating menstrual cycle

-- Reducing inflammation in arthritis

-- Improving the process of digestion

-- Reducing flatulence

-- Stimulating metabolism’s work

-- Against skin problems

-- Against airway upsets

-- Against red parasites

-- Treating Alzheimer’s disease