Most Effective Way of Reducing High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes Without Medication

You are probe to developing high blood pressure if you: drink too much alcohol, are a smoker, get little or no sleep, eat salty food often, are under tremendous stress daily and are overweight or obese.

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To regulate your blood pressure it takes a commitment from you to change your lifestyle completely.

You should eat a balanced diet, engage in regular exercises and cut down on excessive smoking and drinking of alcohol.

If you have a family history of high blood pressure you will need to check your blood pressure frequently so as to regulate it to be as normal as possible.

There is a way of ensuring that you blood pressure is normal always without conventional medications and treatment.

The Russian club -- Spartak Moscow’s head doctor Lu Hun Sen recommends ancient Chinese acupressure as a way of regulating blood pressure.

Lu Hun Sen says that the human body has two points which are responsible for regulating blood pressure. This ancient Chinese art will massage these two points and this will result in the blood flow in the body stimulated as well as the prevention of numerous ailments.

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The Points: 1 – 2

This runs along the line that stretches from your ear cartilage to the central portion of your neckline bone. You should not squeeze or rub this line, but rather with the tips of your fingers just gently touch the line. You should repeat this procedure on both sides at for about ten times.

The Point: 3

This line begins at the face, from the point where your earlobe is positioned. It then stretches towards your nose.

Press the two sides of this line for about one minute using your fingertips. Don’t press it hard but rather gently, you should just feel the pressure applied by your fingers.

You will normalize your blood pressure if you carryout these procedures frequently and in the right manner.

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