Mixture For Treating Lymph Nodes

Swollen lymph nodes are a common occurrence. Most people have experienced nodules or enlarged lymph glands around the neck or armpit area. They usually occur as a result of colds, untreated caries or other infections. But sometimes, unfortunately, it may indicate a more serious problem, like a tumor. Therefore, when you notice an abnormality of the lymph nodes make sure to immediately visit a doctor.

  • Lymph nodes protect the body

Lymph nodes are organs of the lymphatic system and the key players in our natural defense system. They are concentrated with lymph which are rich in white blood cells that are responsible for fighting infections. They act as filters that collect and destroy harmful microorganisms and clean the lymph fluid that circulates throughout the body. The number of lymphocytes increases when the body fights infections, and thus increases the lymph nodes’ volume.

  • Lymph nodes can swell with or without any symptoms

Lymph nodes swell no more than 1 cm and can sometimes be asymptomatic, so the person wouldn’t feel or notice any changes or problems that would indicate a bodily disorder. In that case, only a doctor through a routine checkup can notice this occurrence.

Swelled nodes can be very painful. Nodes can be either very soft or firm when you touch them. They can also be misshapen, which often raises concerns and leads to a medical visit.

  • What causes swelling of the lymph nodes?

The reasons for swelling may be discharge from the nose, a sore throat, fever and other infections of the upper respiratory tract as well as night sweats, weight loss and red or irritated skin over the affected gland. Different viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, mumps, measles, diseased teeth and sexual diseases can also cause node swelling.

This health condition may indicate a more serious infection, such as HIV, mononucleosis or autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

The most worrying situation involves the lymph node being solid, immobile and growing rapidly. This can indicate a tumor.

When should you seek help from a doctor?

  • If the nodes continue to grow or swell over two weeks
  • If the nodes swell without logical explanation
  • If the nodes are immobile and firm when you touch them
  • If the nodes are followed by a fever, rapid weight loss and night sweating
  • If the nodes are followed by throat pains and difficulties when swallowing and breathing
  • If the nodes are soft and warm when you touch it and the skin above it is red


In order to reduce node swelling, you need to know the reason or disease that caused this health condition.

Here is a herb mixture which might help, improve and stimulate the healing process.

Ingredients needed:

(Use equal parts of the following plants)

  • Walnut leaf
  • Mistletoe leaf
  • Thyme
  • Yarrow


Mix the herbs and add  a little bit of water

Way of applying:

Soak some linen fabric into the resulting mixture. Use the fabric as a coating, which you should place onto the affected area(s). Repeat this process until your health condition is improved.


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