Mix These Three Household Ingredients And Say Goodbye To Face Hair For Good!

Many women have a problem with small, fine hair on the cheeks and forehead, especially when over time, due to the influence of hormones, they become dark and thick. It makes them frustrated, anxious, and it is a real nightmare and great aesthetic problem for them. Instead of using classic waxing, try this popular recipe that will help you eliminate hair forever.

All ingredients you need in order to remove unwanted hair from the face can certainly be find in your kitchen.

Ingredients needed:

-- 1/2 a tablespoon of coconut oil (you can also use olive oil but it is not as efficient)

-- 3 tablespoons of integral flour

-- Little bit of water

Method of preparation:

First you should clean the skin on your face from makeup and other impurities well, and then apply coconut oil onto the problematic parts of the face, and rub it into the skin.

Then, you need to mix the water and flour in a bowl in order to get a homogeneous paste-like resulting mixture and immediately apply it onto the problematic parts of the face onto which you have previously applied coconut oil. Allow the mixture to act for about ten minutes until it is completely dry. Before you remove the mixture off of the face you need to rub the parts where it is applied well. Perhaps you might experience redness and a feeling of skin tight, but it is nothing to worry about because it will quickly fade. Remove the mixture from the face, wash your face and refresh it with tonic. Apply a nourishing cream afterwards.

Practice this procedure twice a week at equal intervals for four weeks. This should be enough for removing hairs off of the face for good.