Mix Little Bit Of Salt And Olive Oil And Eliminate Pains!

The natural remedy we are about to present in this article is very simple to make, yet it will successfully soothes symptoms caused by osteoporosis.

Ingredients needed:

-- 20 tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil

-- 10 tablespoons of salt

Method of preparation:

Place the abovementioned ingredients in a clean glass bowl and mix them well before you close the bowl you are using. Let the resulting mixture stand still for about 48 hours. After this time has passes, the remedy is ready to be used.

Way of usage:

Every morning you need to rub the mixture onto the affected area by massaging yourself. In the beginning you should massage the affected area for not longer than 2 to 3 minutes, and every other day increase the duration of the massage for another 2 or 3 minutes. Practice doing this until your massage becomes 20 minutes long. After you have finished massaging yourself, do not forget to wipe the affected area using wet warm towel.

You should know that after the massage you might encounter a mild skin irritation. This is why you need to wipe the skin using a dry towel and then apply some baby powder onto the place.

After 10-day treatment, your blood circulation will be improved and your cartilage and bone tissue will be regenerated and you will certainly notice big changes for the better, of course.

If you massage your neck, your headaches will be gone for good and your eye sight will be much improved due to the increased blood circulation in the neck/nape area. This is tightly linked to the fact that the organism is getting rid of the harmful toxins, which benefits in improving and normalizing the metabolism.