Mix Horseradish And Vinegar And After 5 Days You Will Get Rid Of Your Inflamed Sinuses!

During the winter problems do appear at those who often suffer from inflammation of the sinuses. Headaches are mandatory consequence of the sinuses and sometimes even the strongest drugs do not help.

If you suffer from headaches and sinuses we have the right solution for you. We present you a simple natural remedy that will successfully help you.


  • Fresh horseradish
  • Wine vinegar

Grate the fresh horseradish and pour it with the wine vinegar. Place it in a bottle of half liter and tight it. Hold the mixture 10 days at room temperature and occasionally string it. After 10days during the day, open the bottle and inhale the mixture for 5 minutes. From the same fluid, take one cotton cloth and soak it inside and hold it on your neck overnight. This treatment last 5 days and the strong smell of horseradish will free you from the unpleasant and annoying sinus headache.

Tip: you can also take 50g grated horseradish and put it into 5ml of water and put it on heat for a while. After it heats properly put your head over the pot, cover it with a towel and inhale the steam.


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