Mistletoe As A Cancer Fighter


Mistletoe ice tea was used centuries ago as a remedy for varicose veins. The warm variant of this drink can be used against rheumatism, arthritis, gout as well as against cancer.

Even though mistletoe’s berries are poisonous, its leaves can be used for making tea. Put one teaspoon of dried mistletoe leaves in a glass of cold water and let it stand still for an hour. If you prepare your tea this way it can help you if you suffer from varicose veins. If you use the same method of preparation but instead of cold, you use hot water, you will get remedy for treating rheumatism, arthritis and gout. This tea is also good for your heart’s health as well.

In a study, conducted in 2013, scientists proved that mistletoe’s extract can prolong life in patients who suffer from metastatic pancreatic cancer. The German regulatory agency already has approved mistletoe injections as palliative therapy for malignant tumors, as well as therapy to relieve the symptoms but not the disease itself.

Patients who were included in the study received three injections (with extract of mistletoe) a week from 0.01 mg to 10 mg per 22 doses. Their survival was doubled, from 3.2 months in patients who did not received mistletoe treatment to 6.6 months to patients who received mistletoe extracts.

In the group that received mistletoe extract there were only 16 cases of side effects (but doctors claim that mistletoe was not the reason), while in the group that did not receive the extract of mistletoe there were 53 side effects.

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This is not the first time mistletoe showed as useful against cancer during the clinical trial. Scientists have noticed positive results in the treatment of breast, uterus, colon, ovary, stomach and lungs.


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