Milk Form Garlic- Great Cure For Sciatica


This natural remedy is excellent against worms, for preparation of an enema but is great remedy for sciatica. If is used for a while, it eliminates the perspiration and unpleasant sweat of feet. This simple natural remedy has no side effects.

One auto mechanic suffered long from sciatica and the consumed medications had no effect anymore. He was advised by one friend that he should start consuming milk from garlic. After few days of consumption the pain stopped after two weeks.

The milk from garlic is prepared very quickly and simply. It can be prepared fresh or cooked. The fresh one is more powerful with greater effects than the cooked but also the smell is also more intense. After being cooked not just the smell but its medical properties are not the same.

The garlic needs to be good stirred so your job be more easily. The stirred arc should be mixed with milk and consumed immediately. In order to achieve the desired effect it is necessary that one person needs to consume at least 200ml this kind of milk. The dose should be set by you alone but it is recommended one clove garlic to 100ml milk.

This recipe does not react on every person equally but it worth trying for against strong pains of sciatica.


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