Methods For Quickly Stopping Hiccups


Sodas, fast eating, strong emotions (such as fear), excitement and alcohol are the main reasons for hiccup’s occurrence.

When hiccups start, try some of these home recipes and tricks that will ensure to quickly and easily stop the annoying hiccups.

  1. Hold your breath

Inhale, hold your breath and start counting. Count as long as you can hold your breath. Repeat the method as many times as you need until hiccups stop. If you do this method they should stop immediately.

  1. Water

Water is considered to be the most effective when it comes to getting rid of hiccups. Drink the water one sip at a time but make sure you do little pauses in between the sips.

  1. Apple vinegar

Put a few drops of apple cider vinegar in a teaspoon and then slowly moisten your mouth. The acid will help your body to quickly get rid of hiccups.

  1. Put your index fingers into your ears

This may sound a little bit weird but this method helps in stopping hiccups. This way you stimulate nerves connected to the diaphragm and hiccups stop.

  1. Lemon

Cut one slice of lemon and suck it. The lemon’s sour taste will help your organism to quickly stop hiccups.

  1. Sea salt and yogurt

Mix sea salt with yogurt and apply the above-mentioned water method. Even though the method is the same, sea salt mixed with yogurt may be more effective than water.

Have you ever tried any of these methods or perhaps you have your way of stopping hiccups?
Share your hiccup experience with us in the comments.


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