McDonald’s Just Recalled 1 Million Chicken Nuggets. The Reason Why Will Sicken You

Customers of this fast food restaurant complained that they had found something in their chicken that was not meat but something else.

In response McDonald’s recalled 1 million if it’s popular chicken nuggets brand.

It turned out that this “thing” found in the chicken nuggets was plastic.

The fast food restaurant’s outlet in the northern prefecture of Aomori, Japan was where this piece of vinyl plastic was discovered in its chicken nuggets sold as reported by -- The Wall Street Journal.

This was also confirmed by a spokesman for McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) Ltd.

Sadly, this incident is not the first to be recorded by McDonald’s chain of restaurants worldwide and there has been recorded cases of such inedible materials found in their products like;

  • A dead mouse in coffee sold at an outlet in Canada.
  • Dental material and teeth has been known to be present in their fries.

This has impacted negatively on the sales of McDonald’s as there has been a steady decline in patronage as well as an ever growing discontent for its brand.

Another scandal to the list of scandals attached to this restaurants brand name is the expired meat scandal of one of its meat suppliers from China -- Shanghai Husi Food Co.

This company was accused of repackaging and reusing expired meat for distribution to McDonald’s outlets in China this led to a string of arrests.

McDonald’s has been hit hard by these malpractices and scandals that McDonald’s Corporation in Oak Brook, IL recorded its worst ever sales record for the last decade just a month ago and this trend in also affecting it’s international outlets as well.

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