Massive 10-Year Study Has Linked Diet Soda To Heart Attacks And Stroke

If you have known long before now that drinking diet soda on a regular basis cannot be healthy and as a result you decided to stop drinking it, then good for you.

However, if you still belong to the school of thought that doesn’t see any wrong in drinking diet soda regularly, then this may come as a shock to you.

A 10 year research by scientists of the University of Iowa have proven that aspartame which is an artificial sweetener used in diet soda is responsible for people’s increased risk of stroke and heart related diseases.

This research was carried out for a period spanning 10 Years as mentioned earlier and involved almost 60,000 female test subjects. The lead researcher Dr. Ankur Vyas stated that those subjects that consumed daily a minimum of 2 bottles of diet soda had their propensity to contract a heart attack increased by as much as 30%. They also increased their fatality through a cardiovascular problem by as much as 50% in contrast to people who do not drink diet soda.

What makes the findings of this study mind boggling is the fact that 1 out of every 5 Americans drink diet sodas regularly.

How The Research Was Conducted

  • The total number of female test subjects was 59,614.
  • These test subjects were divided into 4 groups.
  • In one group the subjects were given a minimum of 2 diet sodas daily.
  • In another group test subjects were given between 5 and 7 diet sodas weekly.
  • In the third group test subjects were given between 1 to 4 diet sodas weekly.
  • Finally in the fourth group the test subjects were given between 0 to 3 diet sodas every month.
  • After a period of 9 years the health of the test subjects were scrutinised and the findings were as follows;

-- increased risk of revascularization procedure, heart attack, coronary heart disease, coronary  ischemic stroke, peripheral arterial disease, congestive heart failure and cardiovascular fatality were observed in…

  • 8.5% of test subjects that drank a minimum of 2 diet sodas daily.
  • 6.9% of test subjects that drank 5 to 7 diet sodas per week.
  • 6.8% of test subjects that consumed 1 to 4 diet sodas every week.
  • 7.2% of test subjects that drank 0 to 3 diet sodas monthly.

While in plain view it may not be clear whether aspartame in diet sodas is responsible for increased cardiovascular problems in people, what must be mentioned is that the women in the first group which comprised of those that drank a minimum of 2 diet sodas daily were much younger than the women test subjects in the remaining three groups and since the risk of cardiovascular problems for the women in this group was significantly high what it therefore meant is that the aspartame in the diet sodas had increased their risk of heart-related ailments quicker. The test subjects in the first group also had high blood pressure, diabetes and an increased Body Mass Index (BMI).

The head of the research team Dr.Vyas concluded that while there is still a lot of research that needed to be done to really know the correlation between aspartame and cardiovascular problems, the results from the 10 year study is a pointer to the fact that there is a serious relationship between heart-related ailments and diet soda.

However, while further research is still being carried out its better to stay safe than sorry and quit drinking diet sodas today.

You can consume more healthy natural alternatives like homemade freshly squeezed organic fruit juice and smoothies.