Make Your Own Cinnamon Oil And Use Its Health Benefits!

Cinnamon oil does indeed can be used as natural remedy. It is little known about its usage.

There are two types of this oil, the first is essential oil which is strong one and it is made from leaves and bark of plant. The other one is extracted cinnamon oil and it can indeed be made easily.

For example take several cinnamon sticks, 6 are enough and refined pure olive oil about a liter. If you can’t find sticks powder can be useful also (100gr powder, half liter of oil). As we recommend sticks, take one jar and put the sticks inside. Pour with olive oil and cover the jar completely. Sealed, leave it for 3 weeks on a room temperature, shake it several times daily and after 3 weeks strain the oil into a dark glass bottle. This combination is a real elixir. It smells and tastes good.

Cinnamon on the other side is one very useful ingredient. It is a powerful antioxidant and protects cells from radicals who are causing many problematical diseases. This homemade cinnamon oil can be used for many causes. It can serve as dressing in salads, prepared in meals and external use as rubbing the inflamed places. We do not recommend it for long- term use. Just take 2teaspoons daily. One in the morning and second in the evening.

Our knowledge for its benefits of course came from several studies.

Cinnamon and cinnamon oil prevents tensions, memory losses so, it can be great brain tonic. Works amazing on the purification so your skin will be perfect, improves blood circulation and enchases metabolic activities. Also, reduces possibilities of stroke or heart attack.

“The components found in cinnamon have positive effects on vital organs, diabetes and urinary tract, it destroys bacteria and reduces fungi.” – declare scientist from the American Human Nutrition Research Center. Also other research is declaring that the use of cinnamon oil has positive effect on the colon and prevents colon cancer. Take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon oil if you have any kind of tooth issue or if you want to improve your bloating and digestion. Because of its anti- inflammatory background it also helps with arthritis. Fluids from your body can be easily removed because cinnamon also can be used as remedy against them.

From every information that above you probably know already how much cinnamon and cinnamon oil are good and useful for our health. Consider it as “gold” treasure and use its benefits with no doubt.



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