Loss Of Muscle Mass And Underweight Can Be Prevented With Just Two Tasty Ingredients!

Loss of muscle mass (or muscle atrophy) is something that can happen to any of us, even if we take good care of our health.

Latest researches detect biological “activation” of losing muscle mass and two ingredients that can prevent muscle atrophy.

This news means that older people, who are particularly susceptible to muscle loss, can now prevent muscle weakness and soothe muscle atrophy with consumption of two good and delicious ingredients.

The connection between age and muscle atrophy

When our body ages, muscles become prone to weakness. Although this is a natural process, it may cause serious harm to humans, for example breaking bones in a fall.

Muscles grow and become strong since the moment of birth until the 30th year of age. After 30 years, you may lose from 3 up to 4% of muscle mass on every 10 years. After 75 years of age atrophy generally accelerates.

This weakening can make life a little more difficult and unpleasant. Loss of strength, dexterity and endurance can be prevented by practicing some activities such as hiking. Sometimes even just walking becomes dangerous task when muscle weakness is present.

Although muscle atrophy is a natural occurrence in old age, a new study has shown that this condition can be overcome. Specifically, an appropriate food supplement may halt the loss of muscle mass and prevent it from getting worse.

Apples and green tomatoes can prevent muscle mass loss

You may be surprised when you find out that the key to preventing muscle atrophy lies in two simple and tasty ingredients: apple and green tomato.

With daily consumption of these ingredients you will be able to maintain your muscles strong and healthy, regardless of age.

How does this combination works?

The research team from the University of Iowa has found that these foods have the effect of inhibiting ATF4 factor responsible for genetic aging and weakening of the muscles. Ursolic acid is found in the rind of apples and tomatidine has been found in green tomatoes.

In the experiment, conducted on mice, the research team has found that after 2 months of using ursolic acid and tomatidine in the diet, the mice showed a significant increase in muscle mass and muscle strength. Muscle mass was increased by 10% and stamina by 30%.