Light Your Room For A Whole Month By Using A Potato!!! – Video

A cooked potato can create a battery. This battery is 10 times more powerful than that which can be created using raw potato.

Research by Haim Rabinovitch, a science and agriculture professor, has shown that, when slices of potato were connect with a wire and place between a copper cathode and zinc anode, can light an LED light. This can be lit for 40 days.

This will really help the under-privileged people. It will help them more than the scientific community.

But the question that arises out of this is that, why are we using only potato and not any other vegetable.

There are two reasons for this- potatoes can be grown easily and are found in all parts of the world.

We must remember that the source of energy is not the potato. It only connects the two metals and thus helps electrons flow which generates electricity.