Lemon Juice Against Kidney Stones

Kidney stones contain calcium, which represent solid parts in the kidneys. There are many reasons for rocks creation but the biggest cause is the food that causes the excretion of calcium in the urine. Besides food that causes excretion of calcium, kidney stones can be caused by food which is rich in protein, which causes the creation of urinary acid.

To reduce the risk of kidney stones you should avoid fast food, too much salty foods and foods rich in calcium. You need to drink more fluids will the risk of getting kidney stones will be decreased.

Kidney stones are a problem that must be solved. Here is how to get rid of them in a 100% natural way:

Mix 0.12 liters of lemon juice with 2 liters of water and drink non-stop. Your condition will significantly be improved and kidney stones formation will stop.

Lemon is very rich in citrate which really helps in the fight against kidney stones. Scientists advise us not to sweeten this beverage but to drink it without any sugar. If you really want to sweeten the lemon juice use honey instead of sugar.


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