Learn How To Grow Endless Supply Of Asparagus !


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It’s spring and there is one vegetable that you absolutely have to consume.

That vegetable is asparagus, a very delightful and adaptable veggie. Springtime is the best time to buy this vegetable as it is crisp and very nutritious in this season.

Thus veggie has amazing benefits as it is believed to stabilise the body’s insulin level and thereby curbing the risk of type II diabetes.

Asparagus has wonderful nutrients that is essential to your body, it is even a known natural diuretic.

It will help detoxify the body of dangerous toxins by increasing the amount of urine the kidneys produce.

Asparagus contains a compound known as inulin. This compound promotes the functions of good intestinal bacteria.

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It is this bacteria that helps with digestion and prevents constipation and irregular bowel movements.

This veggie is rich in folate essential for women hoping on conceiving and also for those women who are in the first trimester after conception.

The folate helps to prevent early birth defects in infants and ensures that they grow healthy.

Learn how to grow your own asparagus:

You can grow your own asparagus from a seed or from a root crown.

However, it is preferable to grow your asparagus from the root crown as this way you will get a large number of seeds.

It takes just over a fortnight for your seeds to sprout.

You should plant your asparagus in light soil with very good drainage, it should not retain water or be water logged.

Planting asparagus is easy

  • Try digging a trench with the following dimensions -- 12″ wide by 6″ deep.
  • In the centre of the trench, put the crowns on top of a mound of soil you should make.
  • Ensure that the crowns are spaced 12″- 18″ apart and in rows 4″ apart.
  • You should then cover the crowns with 2″ of soil by back filling the trench.
  • Always try adding some soil from time to time ensuring that there is a small mound at the base of your asparagus plant.

Source: healthadvisorgroup.com

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