Keep Yourself Away From This Oil: It’s More Dangerous Than a Sugar!

If you are already using soy oil or you intend using it to cook your daily meals you might want to reconsider.

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Though soybeans oil have been so elevated in the eyes of the American public because of the earlier advertised health benefits it is believed to offer, what people don’t know is this oil can actually do more harm to their health than good.

What manufacturers won’t tell you is the health risk of soybeans which is where soybean oil is derived.

They won’t tell you that soybeans is actually toxic and it requires a lot of treatment for it to be deemed worthy of consumption.

When you consume soy in large quantities you are likely to lead to and increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, steroid hormones, hindered physical maturation in boys and premature puberty in girls.

What you also need to know is that most of the soybeans available are GMO which cause a variety of health issues, for one they are treated with pesticides which are difficult to rinse or wash off and when ingested can be extremely harmful to your health.

It is even more alarming considering that soymilk is even recommended for babies rather than natural healthy breast milk.

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It is important to know that manufacturers will always protect their interests and put it ahead of any other consideration.

So beware of soybeans oil and use other alternatives in the cooking of your meals.


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