Japanese Doctor Explains How To Prevent Cancer: Take Half An Hour Of Your Time And You Will Be Protected For 2 Months!

Each and every one of us has, at some point in their life, been on a walk in the forest and enjoyed the beauty of nature. That is the reason why some people decide to live in the forest or along forest, while others travel miles to see and walk through redwood forest and rainforests in Ecuador.

However, scientists from Japan argue that the tradition called Shinri-iokuili (“forest bathing”) is still popular, and the reasons are of biochemical nature.

Researchers say that staying in the forest enhances natural immunity, which is important for preventing cancer and other chronic diseases.

Scientists have tested people before and after a two-hour walk through the forest. In all participants, except one, was found 50% or more T-cells. All the participants have had lower blood pressure and felt calm and clarity in the head.

Forest vegetation, trees and plants, emits in the environment antimicrobial volatile organic compounds of plant derivatives called phytoncides in order to expel viruses and bacteria. They cause problems of the human immune system, and, obviously, the forest vegetation dislikes them as well.

Forest trees are often a hundred years old and still survive because along with other herbs they have perfected their protection, i.e. they have created a compound that can kill germs and bacteria. When walking through the forest, you inhale the protective compound, and the effects of protection last for about two months.

In fact, when we walk through the forest we bathe in its natural immunity in phytochemical immune system of the forest.

This is why you need to practice walking through the forest, the benefits is your great overall health.