It Is Worth A Try: Refreshing Drink To Help You Both Cleanse The Organism And Lose Some Weight

As the summer season approaches, we are all eager to lose as much excess weight as possible. Those who take care of their health would gladly get rid of toxins collected during the long winter.

In this article we are about to present a recipe for “detox water” which helps to flush out toxins and to easier lose weight.

Ingredients needed:

-- 1,8 liters of water

-- 6 pieces of grapefruit (circle slices)

-- 1 cucumber chopped in circles as well

-- 1 chopped mandarin

-- Several mint leaves

Method of preparation:

Mix all abovementioned ingredients and let them stand still for about two hours. Drink the detox water throughout the day. If some of the beverage remains, you can use it to make refreshing ice cubes. Just put the beverage in ice cube mold and put the mold in the freezer. These ice cubes will improve lemonade’s taste as well as orange juice, ice tea etc.

Water helps the body discharge toxins.

Grapefruit accelerates the metabolism.

Cucumber soothes hunger.

Mandarin helps the body top use glucose as energy, instead of storing it as fat deposits.

Mint accelerates the digestion process and refreshes.

Since this beverage contains water, fruit and plants, you will not enter many calories yet it will provide great refreshment for you.