Ingredients We All Have In The Kitchen Can Be Fatal

Some are “risky and dangerous”, some can be poisonous due to excessive consumption.

We consume them almost every day and we have no problems because of it. But, some foods that we have at home can be very deadly. Here what ingredients we are talking about…

1. Potatoes

How many times have you bought a potato that has a greenish bark? In the green peel potatoes, or the green sprouts that come out of a potato that stood in the kitchen, there are glycoalcaloïdes. Avoid use when potatoes are in such form.

2. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is actually hallucinogens. Consumption in the amount of 5.5 grams can cause cramps and 8 grams can cause an attack. If you eat a nutmeg, it can lead to “nutmeg psychosis.”

3. Tuna

Tuna can be dangerous because it absorbs mercury in their flesh, and when mercury enters our body it can be ejected from it through the kidneys, but can reach to the brain and harm the nervous system.

4. Rhubarb

The leaves of rhubarb contain oxalic acid, which causes kidney stones occurrence. It takes about 5 kilograms of this herb to consume in order to be fatal, but smaller amounts can also cause some serious problems.

5. Almonds

There are two types of almonds: sweet and bitter. Bitter reportedly contain higher amounts of hydrogen cyanide and 7-10 of these bitter nuts may cause problems in adults, and can be fatal for children.