In What Way Sodas Affect Our Health?


If you drink way too many sodas, it is time for you to quit this bad habit. Sodas have many negative effects on the health.

Accelerated aging

  • Sodas contain phosphates and phosphoric acid which prolong sodas shelf life but reduce human’s life.

Fats in the blood

  • When we drink sodas, our arteries lose their flexibility because the level of triglycerides enlarged by 30%.

High blood pressure

  • Because of the fact that sodas contain a lot of sugar, when drinking them, we might get high blood pressure.

Large waist circumference

  • 10-year old research has shown that people who drink two sodas every day have their waist enlarged by double than those who do not drink sodas.

Kidney stones

  • If you drink one or more sodas per day, the risk of getting kidney stones will increase by 33%.

Teeth sensitivity

  • Citric and phosphoric acid are contained in sodas. These two compounds change the pH value in the mouth which leads to damaging the teeth enamel.


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