The Importance Of The pH Value Of Water


During the day we should drink 1.5 to 2 l of ph balanced water with other mineral and ingredients (such as calcium, magnesium, etc.) in ideal ratio.

By doing this, we will make a complete detoxification of our body without any side effects. The ph value of our body will normalize and our immune system will improve.

No cancer cell, virus or bacteria can live in water with balanced ph value. Ph value of the blood is from 7.35 to 7.45 and 86% of the blood is water, the other 14% is consisted of dry matter.

Healthy people have an alkaline base, claim scientists.

In order for normal exchange of nutrients into cells to happen, normal ph value (alkaline environment) is required .Oxygen cannot be absorbed by the cells in an acidic environment. Fast lifestyle, stress and diet create high acidic environment in the organism. The body is trying to normalize the ph value of the blood in every way.

Sodas have ph value of 2,5 and in order to neutralize the acidity caused by the soda, you will need to drink 32 glasses of alkaline water.

Many diseases can be avoided if you are drinking clean water. Dr. Otto Warburg, which has won two Nobel prizes, claimed that cancer die within a few seconds in an alkaline environment, or, in order to kill cancer cells, all you need is to alkalize your body.

Tap water is chlorinated. Chlorine is put to destroy organic matter that should not be present in the water. Some chlorine parts remain free while others are binding with organic substances which can be hazardous to health.

A range of diseases are associated with chlorine in water. This is why you need to consume pure natural water with balanced ph value.


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