If Your Clothes Ever Smell Like Mildew, Don’t Get A New Washing Machine. Just Learn THIS Trick…

There can be nothing more frustrating than having one of your household appliances stopping to work without any warning. It may be because of some human error, some mechanical problem or just because of dirt accumulation. Getting it fixed or getting a new appliance is mostly not in the normal budget.

It is a very bad situation when you notice mildew-like smell coming from your clothes when they are taken out of the wash. If you are in such a situation, luckily there’s a simple way to remove the dirt and regime from the washing machine parts that cannot be reached. You need just 2 ingredients!


When it comes to cleaning the washing machine, you will usually have to call its service center. Someone will then come and pull it open to fix the problem. In most cases, it ends up with getting a new washer rather than getting through all the hassles.

All you need to do is clean your washer to make it appear like a new piece. Get Clorox bleach and 16 oz of white vinegar. Make sure that you never use both these compounds together. They are highly toxic and poisonous. So they should be used one at a time. The second ingredient will be used on another cycle.


  • Mix the bleach with warm water (in same proportion)
  • Soak a rag in it and wipe all the accessible parts (also wipe below the rubber sealing)
  • If you find some areas to be hard to scrub, a good trick will be to leave soaked towel on it for half an hour. The bleach will work by killing any mildew.

When the scrubbing job is done, run the machine on its hottest cycle without adding any clothes. This will help in washing out any bleach.

Add the 16 oz vinegar during the second washing cycle while running the washer at its highest temperature. This will clean your washing machine, remove mildew and make it functional. All this will cost you almost nothing.

Source: supertastyrecipes.com


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