If You Notice This Symptom, Clearly Your Lungs Are Giving Up That’s The Sign From It. Do Not Ignore It!

This symptom is one kind of a cough that the passionate smokers usually live with it. They refuse to accept the possibility that it is a symptom of the disease who is significantly harder than usual common cold.

In order to help themselves, the only solution they have is quit smoking forever. Doctors usually warn them about the cough which they should not skip because it is the key indicator of chronic lung diseases.

The chronic lung disease usually manifest itself through a series of symptoms such as shortness of the breath and difficulty in movement in light physical activities. In the UK only, 25,000 people died from this kind of disease, of which 90% as a result of smoking. The past two years emergency intervened even 130,000 in cases of smoking. Because of this, the British people launched a campaign which distracts people from smoking. The promotional video was recorded by the Olympian Evan Thomas, whose mother was passionate smoker and died from chronic lung disease.

Thomas said that he never took seriously this disease until things like climbing stairs or preparing tea began to represent and obstacle, then you finally realize this is actually something serious. 

One doctor who represents the clinic of lung diseases clearly warned: “The cough caused by smoking take it as warning to prevent damage that your lungs will experience.”

The only solution to stop this disease is to quit smoking.

See the following video!


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