If You Get Sinus Headaches or Constant Congestion You Need To Check For This Hidden Connection

Around 32 million people in the world suffer from sinus infections. Sinus is basically the inflammation of sinuses. It is accompanied by a stuffy nose or cough. It doesn’t let you sleep.

A constant head ache on the forehead, pain on the teeth and around the eyes, cheeks, upper jaws and nose are the common symptoms of sinus. It may be accompanied by fatigue, irritation, nausea, dizziness, postnasal drip and bad breath.

Most doctors prescribe antibiotics for sinus infections. This is the main cause of inflammation. The antibiotics lead to the formation of biofilms which cause inflammation leading to pain. 80% of infections are caused by these pathogen clumps. Antibiotics cannot treat them.

One of the most common fungal biofilms is formed by candida albicans. It is difficult to treat as ti forms a slimy outer cover that cannot be penetrated.

Candida grows freely in the body inspite of antibiotics because they cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria. Antibiotics weaken the immune system. This is because the pH of the body is not maintained. This provides the yeast a perfect environment to grow in. It is now seen that every third American woman has candidiasis.

This is mostly seen in women who have just given birth. The use of estrogen and antibiotics is the main cause. Those having a diet rich in sugars also suffer from this.

The other symptoms of sinus are indigestion, sore and bleeding gums, fatigue, urinary and vaginal problems, acne, thrush and skin rashes.

How to prevent the growth of yeast

You must focus on killing the yeast that causes sinus infection. Eating more of proteins, healthy fats and vegetables are one way of doing this.

You must also avoid eating sugars, high glycemic carbohydrates, in particular grains which contain molds or yeast. This is because yeast attacks grains easily. Once you are indentified with a fungal infection, you must stop eating grains like wheat completely. Fungus can produce 300 different kinds of mycotoxins in the body.

A recent scientific study in South Korea has shown that the skin of pumpkins has anti fungal properties. The compound is known as Pr-2. This prevents fungal attacks in plants too. Another natural product that can kill yeast is coconut oil. It has caorylic acid which has anti fungal property. The advantage is that it does not cause any damage to other organs and yet treats fungus in the digestive tract. The drug nystatin cannot perform this function. Olive leaf extract is also useful in such cases. Having prebiotics and probiotics regularly is another way of protecting your body.

How to clean the sinuses

Once your sinuses are infected, it is important to clean it. Take some water, boil it and cool it to be lukewarm. Never use warm tap water. It may contain microbes in itself. Add half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt and another half teaspoon of baking soda. Use an eye dropper to apply it. Salt works better than the antibiotics.

You can take steam with aromatic oils. They have antifungal properties as well. Oregano, tea tree, thyme or eucalyptus oil can be used. The steam will relieve you of your sinus congestion. You can also add the oil drops in your bathing water.

These natural remedies will treat your sinus and congestion problems easily. Be sure to follow them.



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