If The Label On The Fruit Has The Number 8 Do Not Buy It! Here Is Why…


Have you ever looked on the label of the fruit you purchase from the store? Do you know what it means?

  1. If on the code there are 4 numbers that are starting with numbers 3 or 4 it means that the product is cultivated by intensive agriculture like the second half of the twentieth century and that means that probably artificial fertilizers are used. 
  2. If on the purchased product there is 5 digit code and it starts with number 9 it means that the product is farmed on traditional way as it was practiced for many years. This number means that the product is grown organically without pesticides and use of artificial fertilizers.
  3. If the product has code with 5 numbers which start with number 8 it means that the product has been genetically modified.

Therefore, be careful what you buy!