How To Whiten Clothes: This Is The Most Effective Way To Get The White Clothes White Again!

Keeping your white clothes and linen sparkling white can be a challenge for most people.

Using the regular bleaching products in the market can help but even these products have their drawbacks and one very important one is they usually consist of toxic and harmful chemicals that are dangerous to your health and heat of your family.

While it is acknowledged that maintaining white clothing can be difficult there are ways to do so without costing you a fortune and using naturally occurring ingredients that will not cause any side effects.

Use Potassium Permanganate To Whiten Your Clothes

  • Get your potassium permanganate from your local pharmacy.
  • Out about 10 litres of clean water in a bucket.
  • Next, out some crystals of potassium permanganate in the water and stir till the colour of the water is pink.
  • Note, don’t add too much potassium permanganate to the water, if it turns dark purple then it means you have added too much potassium permanganate.
  • You then add about 200 grams of washing detergent into the water and stir well.
  • You can now add your white laundry into the solution.
  • Wrap the opening of the bucket with a nylon bag and leave for about 5 hours.
  • You can equally do this overnight.
  • After 5 hours or by the next morning, you can strain your white clothes and put them in your washing machine and wash.
  • You can also wash your clothes just before putting them in the solution. If you do this then just rinse your whites after soaking for 5 hours and hang them out to dry.

You can repeat this procedure till you achieve the sparkling white colour tone you want.

If you have baking soda you can also use it to wash your clothes.

  • Just mix about 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda to your washing or laundry detergent.
  • The baking soda will also help to reduce the hardness of the water making the laundry detergent to work more effectively.